Sep. 2nd, 2006
  140 Days To Go!!

If I could get another chance
I'd put it in a Ziploc bag
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Brian Pelc & Carey Cummings
September 2, 2006

Date and Time: September 2, 2006, 12:00 PM (Noon)

Location: St. Josephs Church

Address:  178 West 2nd Street
Oswego, NY 13126
United States

The wedding attire for guests is typical wedding.

We decided on a Beach Themed Wedding, and something close to these colors.

Brian's Attendants

Miles DeCastro - Best Man
Best Friend

A! I first met Brian in a bar in Brooklyn in 1928. Little did I know he would soon become Mrs. Joe DiMaggio... I mean, I met Brian in Middle School. We both played the saxophone. Because of our common love for the Devil's horn, we saw A LOT of each other through high school. Especially good times include, but are not limited to: Lobster Hats, Operation Burrow Shorts, Hackey Sack, Car Tag, Wearing Our Sunglasses at Night, OSU Hockey, Skychief Baseball, World Cup (in gym class and on TV), Semi-Legal Traffic Maneuvers, Midnight BBQs, A!s, Skatin and Scootin, X-Boxing, and all the other times that escape my mind right now. I don't have any biological siblings, but I've always been cool with that because Brian is closer to me than any brother ever could be.

Kevin Pelc - Best Man
Brother of the Groom

I met brian when I was born, for some reason he was waiting in the hospital at a tender ripe age of 3. Brian and I are brothers, so I have known him for a little while. From making up celebration ball throwing games all the way to dressing like pirates, Brian and I always find a way to keep occupied and have fun. I am so happy that Brian found someone like Carey. Now I will have two sisters.

Jon - Groomsman
College Friend of the Groom
Chris Mosher - Groomsman
College Friend of the Groom
Chris Allen - Groomsman
Groom's Sister's Fiance
Richard Cummings - Groomsman
Brother of the Bride

Philip Cummings - Ring Bearer
Nephew of the Bride
Carey's Attendants

Lauren Kozack - Maid of Honor
College Roomie

I met Carey my sophomore year of college at St. Rose. We lived in Hahn Hall in the triple, with Jess to make the third. All three of us clicked right away, and that's how we became the Hahn Hotties! We had a lot of good times, and some bad....but we were always there for each "sisters." Carey will allways have a place in my heart.... and be one of my best friends for-ev-er! : )

Jessica Winsman - Maid of Honor
College Roomie

I met Carey the beginning of my sophmore year of college. My friends and I had decided to room in a triple on campus that year, but one of them backed out, so Carey was her replacement. I was so afraid when I heard that another person was going to be rooming with us, but as it turns out it was one of the greatest things that Saint Rose could have ever done for me-they gave me one of my best friends. We had 2 great years taking on Albany, an endless amount of memories, and we'll continue to make more memories because we are- Hahn Hotties for Life!

Krysta Pelc - Bridesmaid
Sister of the Groom

I am Carey's sista krysta. Carey has been w/ my bro bri for like ever. And when I say a forever, I mean like a gazillion years. Carey is a cool cat and I wont mind having her as a sister either. Her and I have blown crazy large pool floaties up together and then we make crazy poses in them. We have gone on Dollar Store runs looking for goggles, and lots and lots of grocery stores looking for aloe vera lotion, and then we end up getting lost trying to find our way back. We made a trip once together to a beauty store to make sure her hair didn't turn green. Oh we have slept together in the same bed/ room many-a-times and even though when she is married to my bro, she will be sleeping in the same room as him, I will make sure that there will be times that I kick out brian so that I can sleep on the floor with her on sharp pointy matresses.. As a sister of course.

Kelly McKnight - Bridesmaid

"How do I NOT know Carey? Truth be told, all there is to it is we both have very very special (and I mean special) significant others, who we are fortunate to be dragged around to bars with when we are not drinking, and naturally, the only two sober people in the bar will gravitate towards one another. Before this all began in summer 2005 (when all 4 of us would be in Oswego together), Brian told me I would like Carey and I should IM her online, so we could hang out over the summer since not many other people would be there. So I was that creepy person who IMed something along the lines of 'hi, you dont know me, well maybe you do, but I know brian, well my boyfriend chris knows brian, and so we should be friends'. The rest was history. Since that faithful night, we have sat sober (and not so sober) at many bars, shared retainers, went on crew trips, and had some other very interesting moments...."

Allison Heintz - Bridesmaid

I've know Carey since 7th grade (that's about ten years, now). Since I was a huge geek, and none of my friends from elementary school were in my class, I was lucky enough to find Carey, who must've taken pity on geeky little Allison. That year, her family took me camping (and somehow I got the nickname Alshawan...). We've been friends ever since- through photography club and marching band, proms and graduation. It's amazing to see a relationship that I saw in the very beginning turn into a marriage that will last a lifetime!

Bethany Hare - Bridesmaid

Carey and I met when we were mere youngins in pre-school. I believe I actually went to one of her birthday parties. I always seemed to know who Carey was from the picture and somehow even knew that she lived only 2 blocks away. In fact, I can remember delivering the newspaper with my brother and going to her house. So, in middle school when we met AGAIN, I knew exactly who she was. We stayed friends throughout middle school and high school. We played in marching band together and hung out in the same "Group" of friends. I remember vividly when she dragged me to the first dance that Brian asked her to, even though I was depressed, just because she didn't want her first date with him to be awkward (this ironically is the same reason they asked me to be in their wedding). Anyways, eventually we moved onto college together. It wasn't until our junior years of college that we went our separate ways, but we always met in the middle. I've seen the whole "Bricarey" relationship (as us bitterly single people call it) from beginning and I hope to never see it end.

Laura Cummings - Flower Girl

Our Ushers

Jared Rubin - Friend from College

I met Brian in high school. I kinda always knew who he was buuut I got to know him better through marching band. I guess I'd say our friendship REALLY took off when I asked him to sit next to me on the bus to the marching band competition. Oh, wait...sorry, that's not how it happened...I REALLY know Brian through classes at SUNY Oswego, as we were both computer science majors and co-presidents of the CSA. He was always there for me, waking me up during class whenever I needed to pay attention (or whenever class was over). We became good friends and whether it was goin around Oswego on a townie BSR or throwing cake in each other's faces, we're always having a good time (having a good time = a drunken mess). In all honesty, he's one of the nicest dudes I know so I wish him and Carey the best!! (but Carey, if it doesn't work me ;)
P.S. I second Jon's "P.S."

Justin Finch - Friend from College

I was that guy who was hanging out with a bunch of computer science majors, I know it doesn’t happen often, but it did. Brian and I had a mutual friend, Jon Edward Markoff, and we met behind Steamers for some reason that escapes my memory at the moment, but the point is Brian and I have become close friends and I wish him the best of luck in the future. Who knows, maybe we’ll both end up living down in North Carolina and escape the wrath of the Oswego winters.

Date and Time: September 2, 2006, Immediately Following Ceremony

Location: BayShore Grove
Bayshore Road, Scriba, NY

Adult Reception

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